The main objective of a hotel is to create long-lasting impressions and ensure a satisfying experience for the customer, since happy guests are essential for success. When people stay at a hotel, they expect everything to be perfect. Interior design plays a key role in the impression they take away and hotel carpet is what the customer notices first.

Hotel carpet is a unique vehicle to express and communicate the hotel distinctive identity that welcomes and creates the guest a sense of place and evokes a sense of comfort. At Moquetas Rols we have extensive experience in custom designed hotel carpet all around the world. We have been creating bespoke carpets since 1917 being carpets for hospitality one of the main destinations for our products. Either international brands or boutique hotels, our clients turn to us for custom solutions that create a unique visual image for their brand while providing a quiet and satisfactory stay for their guests.

This section is specifically dedicated to hotel carpet for corridors, where besides pleasant aesthetics, long standing durability and superior sound absorption properties are crucial. All Moquetas Rols hotel carpet for corridors is engineered to withstand a great amount of traffic and reduce the unwanted noise such as that arising from footsteps or block loud noises.

Take the first step to design your hotel carpet for corridors and visit our inspirations section to visualize different design ideas for hotel carpet. Feel free to contact us to tell us more about your project and our dedicated project management teams will assist you during every step of the design and product development phase translating your ideas into a unique custom hotel carpet.