Put simply, the heritage of ROLS is making exquisite carpets. The heart of our ethos is the bond between the skilled craftsmen and prime materials selected for every Rols carpet. Our story, along with our continuous desire for perfection, began in 1917, when our founder, Francisco Gomez, began weaving carpets from vegetable fibres using a simple hand loom. Through the stewardship passed down to subsequent generations our founding principals have remained constant. From our humble beginning, through a century of global change and technological advance, Moquetas Rols has evolved to become a market leading manufacturer of premium quality carpets.

Today, both in our domestic market and over 30 countries across the world, Rols carpets are highly valued. Our exquisite products grace the floors in some of the best known international hotels, landmark public and corporate buildings, iconic luxury goods stores and high specification private residences. You can be assured of our continued commitment to our founding core values and now, just as in 1917, every Moquetas Rols product is designed and manufactured with passion and skill in Spain.



ROLS designs and manufactures a wide range of carpets, from stylish plain qualities in a variety of pile heights and densities to intricate patterns and textural combinations. Our modern production facility incorporates state of the art equipment for producing Wilton, Raschel and Tufted specifications.

We enjoy a challenge and constant product development is a key process. Whether you require the latest in vogue style, or want to be ahead of the current curve, our creative design team is the key link in our service orientated development phase. Whether a one-off carpet for a single room to a project involving multiple designs and numerous specifications, we apply the same attention to detail in every process. Our flexible approach is dedicated to consistently meeting the desires of our customers and ensuring we deliver exquisite carpet.

We offer two different product options:

  • · Stock carpet collections: featuring a wide selection of different qualities, textures, thicknesses and colours. These lines can be purchased in both full roll and cut lengths and are inventoried in Spain for prompt shipment to local and international markets.
  • · Custom carpets: manufactured to order in the specification, texture, design and colour to meet our customer’s own unique requirements. With an experienced sales network in key international markets, our custom products can be engineered to meet specific standards in many sectors.



Creating exquisite carpets and rugs requires every member of our team to work closely together. At Rols we employ unique people, skilled specialists in their field, highly motivated, proud of their company and the products we make. This key human resource is central to our strategy, combining the experience and in depth knowledge of colleagues with over 30 years’ service to the raw energy and enthusiasm of our latest recruit, ensuring crucial expertise is retained through the generations. Crevillent is at the heart of a region with a rich textile history. We are proud of this legacy and have a continuous commitment to our manufacturing remaining in Spain and at the centre of our local community.



Wool is at the very heart of Rols culture and we are proud to continue crafting premium carpets from this superior naturally occurring and sustainable fibre. As our principal raw material and the foundation of our quality carpets, we select the best wool from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Complementing our extensive use of wool, we also offer a wide selection of alternative premium natural fibre materials, all of which come from sustainable sources. These include cotton, jute, linen and viscose.

Recently, our continuous drive for new and innovative products has led to the creation of exciting new collections incorporating ECONYL® 100% Regenerated Nylon. In selecting this special fibre, which can be regenerated an infinitive number of times, Rols continues to work with raw materials that are sustainable and therefore play an important role in the future of our earth.